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Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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  • 4,500,000
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Feel free to download and print these resources for use in your parish, community, or family, and of course, for yourself.

Seminarian Prayer Card

If you ever wanted to know how you could support our Seminarians best, here is your answer. This prayer card fits easily into a bible, breviary, or journal and allows you to pray for the seminarians by name every day. Each day we will pray together for a couple of our Seminarians, and through the grace of God, together we will support their journey to the priesthood while strengthening their spirit.

N.B. - Designed as a two-sided tri-fold

Vocation Promoters

Do you think you may be called to a religious vocation? These are the vocation promoters from many religious orders that work here in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. See the charisms they bring and contact them.

N.B. - Designed as a two-sided tri-fold

Life Awareness Flyer - Next Event Date: January 8-10, 2021 (new flyer not yet available)

Life Awareness Flyer

The Life Awareness Retreat is a yearly event that allows people discerning God's will in their lives to come together with fellow young-adult discerners and with Religious and Priests from around the Archdiocese in a weekend of prayer, sharing of stories, practical discussion, fellowship and fun. Print these out and post them on bulletin boards, in Church entrances, and in your faith formation rooms.

Nun Run - New brochure not yet available

Invite the young ladies of your parish or family to come take a trip with religious women through different convents and community houses for this in person experience of consecrated life.

Melchizedek Project Brochure

The Melchizedek Project is a free parish-based discernment program for high school aged boys. Download the brochure and find out how your parish can start with the program today for free!

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Vocation Prayer Cards

Always pray for Vocations. Join us in keeping up our prayers for all in discernment. Print as many cards as you need for your parish, youth group, bible study, small-faith community, and for you own family prayer for vocations at home.

N.B. - Designed for two-sided printing - Three cards per page

Vocation Guides for Parents  (English) (Spanish)

Families are the seedbeds of vocations. Let these guides help your family be a domestic church that is truly faithful in supporting vocations for our Church and the mission of Christ.

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Family Bookmarks  (English) (Spanish)

Families are where vocations are born. Print these bookmarks for the families of your parish. Blessed are the vocation builders.

N.B. - Designed for two-sided printing - Five bookmarks per page

What Can the Vocation Office Do for You? (English) (Spanish)

We want you to know what we offer. Take a look through our activities and services and see what is available. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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