Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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Ordination 2017

Ordination 2017

Thanks be to God for our four new priests and one new transitional deacon!

Meet our new clergy

New Seminarians

New Seminarians

We give thanks for our five new San Antonio Seminarians for Fall 2017!

Meet the new seminarians

Events Calendar 2016-2017

Events Calendar 2016-2017

Get the calendar of events for this year's vocation activities. Post it anywhere it would be helpful and keep a copy for yourself.

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Service in the Church

Those called to serve the Church as priests and religious have been given a great gift by our God. He made them for service. We give thanks to God for all who have answered this call to serve. But it is important to remember what this service means. A priest does not get ordained just to draw closer to God; though certainly a good priest draws closer to God every day. A religious sister does not consecrate herself just to become more holy; though certainly a good sister grows holier every day. No, these people called to priesthood and consecrated life, are called to lives of service to the people of God. Our loving God created these people so that they would give of their lives to love and serve the people in our families, our parishes, our schools, our hospitals, our prisons, and those in our streets.

If you feel called to priesthood or consecrated life, you too are feeling that call to serve God's people. We serve in prayer and in the sacraments. We serve in offering pastoral care and physical assistance. We serve with our presence and our counsel. We serve with our love and with our compassion. We serve by being those who live their lives to make Christ present in a special way to others. In this kind of service, we find our life's meaning, and we find our true joy and fulfillment. Do not be afraid to serve God's people. If God is calling you, say yes with joy and lend your own hands to Christ, as he loves his people and ministers to them.

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