Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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To begin the application process, please contact your parish for help deciding which forms you will need (or you can use the below Case Type Explorer to download the correct forms). Petitions should not be submitted directly to the Tribunal, but rather should be submitted through the parish. Please note that petitions are NOT required to be submitted through the parish you regularly attend, work at, serve at, etc., but may be submitted through another parish if needed.

If for some reason there is a difficulty with going through your/a parish, you must contact the Tribunal directly before submitting your paperwork.

What forms do I use?

Please use our interactive Case Type Explorer for help deciding what type of case or forms you will need.

This is a PDF document, do not scroll using your keyboard or mouse while viewing the document. It is best to view on a computer or laptop.

Please note that it does not work very well on mobile devices, especially Android phones. If using an iPhone or other Apple device, use seems to be easier when using iBooks.


The fee for a formal case is $450. It is not our wish to impose financial hardship on anyone or give the impression that a declaration of nullity can be bought. On the contrary, we will be sensitive to your financial situation and no one will ever be refused a declaration of nullity because of an inability to pay. If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact our office. Most are unaware that it costs the Archdiocese of San Antonio well over $1,000 to process each marriage nullity case. Thanks to the generosity of the Catholic parishioners of San Antonio, the Archdiocese is able to bear most of this expense. Still, it is only fair that those who request our services make an appropriate contribution and share the cost.

Notes to Submitting Ministers:

  • We remind you that if or when a case that you will present before the Tribunal appears to meet the requirements for the Collaborative Process, the decision of whether or not the case will be processed as a Collaborative Process case is up to the discretion of the Judicial Vicar. Therefore, it is necessary that the Petition for a Declaration of Nullity still be completed in addition to the Collaborative Process forms. Collaborative Process forms submitted without the Formal Petition for a Declaration of Nullity will be returned.
  • A formal petition is required for EACH marriage that is to be investigated, unless it is a lack of form (e.g. if a person has two previous marriages that need to be investigated, they must complete two separate petitions).
  • For Pauline Privilege and Ligamen cases, please submit the regular "Petition for a Declaration of Nullity" to the Tribunal. Once received, the Tribunal will determine if other forms are required.


Petition for a Declaration of Nullity (English - Updated Aug2017)


Petition for a Declaration of Nullity (Spanish - Updated Aug2017)


Lack of Form


Collaborative Process (CP) Forms


Instructions to the Submitting Minister for the CP


Petitioner Request for the CP


Respondent Request for the CP


Letter to the Respondent for the CP


Respondent Witness Form