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Serving Our Local Church

Department for Pastoral Ministries: We are One

With God, nothing is lost! Our hope in the Lord sustains us!
Most Rev. Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S.,  Transformed by Hope, 55

Serving Our Local Church

The Department for Pastoral Ministries strives to fulfill our mission of “supporting, accompanying, training, and forming Parish leadership so that they in turn minister to their parishioners and those within their boundaries” every day by continuously calling for renewed zeal and a servant’s disposition. Pastoral collaboration and permanent dialogue flesh out our Archdiocesan Pastoral Vision profoundly based on a Culture of Encounter.

We work collaboratively in the spirit of Pastoral de Conjunto , utilizing our various skills and abilities for the benefit of those we serve. We work creatively towards a harmonious outcome for all of our constituents, whether they are couples preparing for marriageyouthyoung adultsthe deaf community, culturally diverse communities, or ministers in the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Faced with restrictions due to COVID-19, the Department for Pastoral Ministries pivoted from in-person support to virtual outreach,  emails, and phone calls during a time of unprecedented uncertainty. During 2020, we served almost 622,000 local Catholics and beyond, keeping our Archdiocesan Priorities at the forefront.

Archdiocesan Priorities

Archdiocesan Priorities: The New Evangelization

The New Evangelization

Through our shared encounters with Christ, proclaiming the Good News with joy, zeal, and renewed spirit!

Archdiocesan Priorities: Catechesis and Faith Formation

Catechesis and Faith Formation

Growing in faith and in knowledge of Jesus Christ through our shared encounter!

Archdiocesan Priorities: Youth and Young Adults

Youth and Young Adults

As Disciples and Missionaries, strengthened by our shared encounters with Jesus Christ!

Archdiocesan Guiding Values

Archdiocesan Guiding Values: Prayerfulness


We conform our lives to Christ through faithful meditation on God’s will and loving presence as we fulfill the responsibilities of discipleship.

Archdiocesan Guiding Values: Unity


Grounded in the Eucharist, we embrace diversity among persons, cultures and apostolates, and foster the bonds of charity that reflect the Trinitarian relationship of God, creating a culture of encounter that leads to communion.

Archdiocesan Guiding Values: Stewardship


Always grateful for the resources entrusted to us, we use them wisely, being transparent and responsible to God and one another.

Department for Pastoral Ministries: We are One

Pastoral Priority Focus at a Glance

The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity;
a network not of wires but of people.

Pope Francis,  June 2014, 48th World Communications Day

Our departmental response to COVID-19 granted us the opportunity to shift the nature of several events to virtual or hybrid gatherings. With this shift, we were still able to join together to advance our Archdiocesan Vision: Encountering Christ, United as Church, Sent by the Spirit.

We implemented digital solutions as a means of outreach to those who were isolated during the pandemic. Even in the midst of challenges, we were able to address parish needs focused on the Pastoral Priorities of New Evangelization, Catechesis & Faith Formation, and Youth & Young Adults.

120+ Events

1,782 Zoom participants

4,287 Minutes in virtual accompaniment

9,172 YouTube views

Serving the Parish

May we be fearless missionary disciples imitating Christ Jesus as we encounter and accompany one another along the faith journey. We pray the Holy Spirit will guide us as we look to further connect the truths of faith with the realities of the local Church.

“I plan on investing in our youth to really see how amazing it is to love God and grow in deeper relationship with him. Even during COVID, our kids wanted to still meet in person so even though we had to limit our participants, they were devoted to being here and eager to journey with us.”

Becky Rocha, San Juan de los Lagos

“I participated in the Assembly 2020 as a teacher, parent, friend, daughter, mother and most importantly as a child of God. I was able to reflect as I was listening to each speaker and think of how I currently have God in my life and how I will practice new ways to have him present in more parts of my life.”

Rebecca Martinez, St. Anthony Elementary School

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