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Catholic Schools

Student Health Services

The Department of Catholic Schools ~ School Health Program

The Catholic School Health Program is intended to enhance the student's ability to utilize his or her intellectual potential and to make responsible decisions affecting present and future physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Diocesan School Health programs in Texas Catholic Schools are congruent with the educational philosophy, policies and mission of the Catholic School.

The three components of the health program in our San Antonio Catholic schools are:

  1. Direct Health Services
  2. Health Education
  3. Environmental Health

      The principal of each of our catholic schools is responsible for working with the DCS administrator, their designated health coordinator (RN, LVN or health coordinator representative) faculty and parents to realize the goals of the school health program:

  • To protect students and staff members by providing a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • To promote present and future health through education and appropriate referral.
  • To decrease absenteeism and incidents of communicable disease.
  • To increase each student’s ability to maximize their intellectual potential by modifying or eliminating health related barriers to learning.

Our school health coordinators perform various duties according to their qualifications, which include the following:

Maintain accurate and updated school health records and certifications, coordinate required health screenings (vision, hearing, spinal, acanthosis nigricans), management of students’ immunization records and assurance of requirements to assist with communicable disease control, education and communication to parents and teachers on health related issues of the students, and assessing the students and their health needs.