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Catholic Schools


    Currently, the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED), which is recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is responsible for the implementation of the accreditation process for the Texas Catholic schools. To assist and provide direction to the TCCED, the bishops approved the formation of the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission (TCCAC). Membership on the commission consists of five Catholic school superintendents, five commissioners-at-large and one bishop who serve as Episcopal liaison. A school which is recognized by its Bishop as a Catholic school participates in the TCCED accreditation process. In 2013 the TCCED entered into a partnership with AdvancED that provides the opportunity for schools to have dual accreditation from both agencies. Accreditation by an additional association is a local school option but does not substitute for accreditation by TCCED. All Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio participate in the accreditation by TCCED every seven years. 

     In order to be accredited, Catholic schools will be reviewed in light of the standards of quality and effectiveness as defined by TCCED and universally recognized educational practices.

The standards include consideration of:

  1. Catholic identity and programs;
  2. mission, philosophy and vision;
  3. community support of the school;
  4. a safe and healthy environment which is conductive to learning;
  5. faculty/staff qualifications and performance;
  6. the effectiveness of the administrator as a spiritual, managerial and instructional leader;
  7. the purpose, design, and implementation of curriculum;
  8. the programs and resources available to meet the needs of special populations;
  9. the utilization of assessment instruments to determine modification in student programs;
  10. staff development;
  11. long range strategic planning;
  12. in-service programs for governing body members;
  13. compliance with applicable federal and state statutes.

     The accreditation of non-public schools in Texas is a function of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC) and is recognized by the commissioner of education as having standards comparable to 19 TAC Chapter 97. Student credits earned in non-public schools accredited by TEPSAC are transferable to Texas public schools. Teacher service in accredited non-public schools has been recognized for salary increment purposes in Texas public schools. The accreditation of non-public schools under this arrangement became effective on February 12, 1986. 

Catholic School Teachers

Archdiocesan Certification for Teachers in Catholic Schools

Who Do Not Teach Religion

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