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What are you looking for? a good question to begin the New Year, says archbishop at Respect Life

February 08, 2021 | posted by Today's Catholic newspaper

Topics: Archbishop, In the Press, Breaking News

'What are you looking for?’ a good question to begin the New Year, says archbishop at Respect Life 

What are you looking for?

With the events of the last year and those of the last few weeks, this question might be on our minds.

Answers could be that we are looking for health and protection from the coronavirus. Also, we desire justice in society. Lately, it is also clear we need to seek reconciliation and unity for the country in order to move forward together.

As we look for these things in the New Year, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, presided at the 2021 Respect Life Mass at San Fernando Cathedral January 17.

He explained that sometimes listening to what has affected or impressed our friends, we come to know things better for ourselves, listing as an example the experience of the ACTS retreats, which have deeply affected and changed many people. “We often imitate things we admire in others. We come, see and meet Christ through those we know, and also through prayer, scripture, and sacraments,” he added. “To know him is to be changed, transformed. To know him and stay with him is to have a new life.”

The archbishop emphasized that we are called to be a witness to Jesus by our words and deeds. He used as an example the immigration debate questioning who we want in our country. “The history of immigration often shows if anyone gets an opportunity to improve their life they can do it and contribute greatly to society,” stressed Archbishop Gustavo. “When we really know Jesus our prejudice melts away as we realize we are all members of one family. It is painful when some people act racist and at the same time proclaim to be followers of Jesus, a total contradiction.”

“What are you looking for?” the San Antonio prelate asked worshippers. He responded, “Actually, it is really God who is seeking us. We don’t find God but rather we let God find us. Jesus simply invites. We need to be open. We need to take action. Jesus often calls us through others. We need to listen for that call. We also can be that call for others.”

The Missionary of the Holy Spirit explained that to be a disciple is not just to accept Christ, but it is to create a home: more than just where we eat and sleep, but shared values, insights, love, concern and commitment.

“Take time to stay with Jesus, to listen, to see what He is all about,” he concluded. “Take time to create a true home this year.”

Archbishop Gustavo closed with a quote from Pope Francis, who said, “The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept His salvation are freed from sin, sorrow, emptiness and loneliness.”

The following Friday, on January 22, the archbishop led a holy hour for life from St. Joseph’s Chapel in the archdiocesan Pastoral Center, and the service was televised on CTSA.