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St Monica Catholic School “Most Spirited” at the Greater Randolph Relay for Life

June 09, 2015 | posted by Lisa Jordan, St. Monica Catholic School

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St Monica Catholic School “Most Spirited” at the Greater Randolph Relay for Life

For the third year in a row, the Dragon Relay for Life Team at St. Monica Catholic School has reached far beyond it’s fundraising goals and donated over $4000 to the American Cancer Society. St. Monica has been participating in the Greater Randolph Relay for the last five years, but this was the first year that the team took home the prestigious award of “Most Spirited Team.” The team won this award by keeping with the relay theme which was “Tell Your Story”. The team chose Where the Wild Things Are for a team theme and created large monsters on sticks for the relay’s kickoff parade. The students participated in games, laps, and events throughout the night, winning titles such as Best Spirit Stick and Miss (Mr.) Relay which was won by Jaylen Richardson, an eighth grade student. The team was also awarded the title of “Top Fundraising School” and achieved a nationally recognized silver fundraising level.

Sixth graders Reyna Cameron and Felicia Huerta were top fundraisers for the Dragons at the Greater Randolph Relay for Life. Together they raised over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Two of the team members from the St. Monica sixth grade raised over $500 each; Felicia Huerta and Reyna Cameron. There were forty-four team members and over two hundred students and teachers that donated to the cause. Team Captain, Cindy Pesqueda said, “Every cent we raised was for a great cause. I am very proud of our students.”

In addition to team members gathering individual donations, the team held several fundraisers. In October, they did a breast cancer awareness day. Over 200 students wore pink to school. Another fundraiser was titled “River of Life.” Lisa Jordan, the school’s marketing director said, “We let our 8th graders donate to either dump a bucket of water on a classmate’s head or donate to be the one who was dumped on. I was shocked to find that I had to use staff to fill in as dumpers because so many kids wanted to be dumped on. I think we will expand that next year to the entire middle school.”

The Greater Randolph Relay for Life raised about $57,000 for the American Cancer Society. For more information, visit St. Monica Catholic School