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School Community Steps Up to Support St. Mary’s Catholic School in Fredericksburg

March 13, 2015 | posted by Stephen Chavez, Hope for the Future

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School Community Steps Up to Support St. Mary’s Catholic School in Fredericksburg

Submitted by: Mr. Billy Pahl, Principal, St. Mary's Catholic School, Frederickburg, TX

The school budget at St. Mary’s Catholic School is always lean; school funding priorities are paying for quality teachers and maintaining a safe campus.  Fundraising and development successes are generally directed to technology improvements. 

School desks never rise to the priority level; the current ones are still functional, and certainly will last “one more year.”  The desks have some nicks and marks, and the seats may sag – but they have served their purpose for 30+ years.

A group of parents asked permission to post a picture of a worn desk on a poster in the school office.  The poster invited parents and friends to “retire a desk” and to replace it with a new one.  The goal was to purchase 30 new desks for students.

A $100 donation would purchase a new desk.  Within a few days the goal was met, and the project was considered a success.  But the donations kept coming; parish organizations like the Catholic Daughters and the Knights of Columbus purchased multiple desks for the students.  Some businesses and parishioners wanted to be a part of the desk project.

Fifty-three new desks were purchased so far through this project, and pledges for more are still coming in.  The school has learned that parents and friends are ready to help the school, especially if they can donate a specific, affordable item that can directly benefit the students. Click HERE to find out more about St. Mary's Catholic School.

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