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San Antonio Express-News Advertising Giveaway

December 04, 2015 | posted by

Topics: Hope for the Future

San Antonio Express-News Advertising Giveaway

The San Antonio Express-News’ Million Dollar Giveaway is a program the newspaper is running to provide free advertising to nonprofit organizations. Hope for the Future (HOPE) participated in the program last year and was able to receive $32,000 in free advertising!!  This year, with your help, we can earn even more to help share the beautiful message of Catholic Schools. The program began Thanksgiving Day with San Antonio Express-News subscribers receiving a $100 voucher with their newspaper. 

I ask that you dedicate this voucher to Hope for the Future. 

You may fill out the voucher and mail it in, or simply fill out the form online at until Jan. 11.

In mid-January we’ll find out how much free ad space we have earned.  With your help, we can continue to help promote Hope for the Future and Catholic Schools. Please share this information with your networks to spread the word. Let’s reach our goal of $50,000 in free advertising!

To qualify for the program a nonprofit had to secure a sponsor to cover the cost of a print ad in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Express-News. Thanks to the generous support of WellMed Hope for the Future was able to participate in the program.  Thank you WellMed for your support of Catholic School education!