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High hopes for high school students

January 07, 2015 | posted by Julie Seguin

Topics: Hope for the Future

High hopes for high school students

High Hopes for high school students

“It just isn’t enough ... thank you so much for the $1,800, but I can t cover the remaining ($6,500) cost of my daughter’s Catholic high school tuition...” These are sentiments heard by the Hope for the Future and principals’ offices all too often.This child, like many others whose family needs more assistance, ended up attending a school that was NOT the best option for her.

For a child to go to Catholic high school, the family sees an almost double tuition bill from Catholic elementary school. Is it worth it? One hundred percent of Catholic school parents and alumni say “Yes!It is worth every penny and more to attend Catholic school.” And, 100 percent of parents whose child is on the HOPE waitlist says Catholic school is worth the cost, but these parents need our help to make Catholic school education a reality in their family.

Truth be told: Tuition rates at Catholic elementary and middle schools average $4,200 annually, and $8,200 for high schools. The goal at Hope for the Future is to assist parents with about one third the cost of tuition or $1,400 and $2,800 for elementary and high school families, respectively. At current HOPE funding levels, while the elementary/middle school goal of $1,400 tuition assistance is being awarded, the high school tuition awards are averaging $1,700 per student, helpful, but not always enough. HOPE would like to give HIGH HOPES to all the families seeking Catholic high school for their children by increasing the tuition award up to $2,800 annually. A Catholic high school education can be within reach for 510 more children by increasing the tuition assistance award at the ninth to 12th grade level.

If you would like to give High Hopes to more high school students to attend the Catholic school that could best educate them, contact our Hope for the Future office at (210) 734-1907 or

Julie Seguin is executive director of Hope for the Future.