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Donor Spotlight Q&A: Circle of Hope Member, Tim Eurton

July 08, 2015 | posted by Stephen Chavez

Topics: Hope for the Future

Donor Spotlight Q&A: Circle of Hope Member, Tim Eurton

Tim Eurton, owner of Spectrum Lighting Inc., San Antonio, shares with Hope for the Future why he and his family are supporters of Catholic school education. At the 2015 Khaki & Plaid Gala earlier this year, Tim and wife Lynnanne became members of the ‘Circle of Hope’, for all their efforts in supporting Catholic school education through Hope for the Future.

HOPE: Why is Catholic school education important to you? 

Tim: My parents provided me with a Catholic school education, and I am convinced it gave me a very strong start in life. The school helped to reinforce the values and morals my parents were displaying in my home life. It gave me the courage to live a faith-filled life and be proud of being Catholic.

HOPE: What motivates you to be a part of the success of Hope for the Future?

Tim: One of the most basic tenets in our faith is giving. Our family has been blessed in many ways over the years including the kindness and generosity of other families. I know what Catholic school did for me, and it feels great knowing so many others are able to receive the same gift. My children are in Catholic schools, and I see firsthand the benefits of the experience. I am excited about the opportunity to help the community at large by delivering a Catholic school education to the youth in San Antonio. I know that I am called to share that gift with others that may not be able to afford it.

HOPE: Do you incorporate giving opportunities for your employees within your business? If so, why? 

Tim: Our company has been very civic minded over the years. Our goal has always been to lead by example and show that community involvement can come in many forms. Gifts of time, treasure and talent are always encouraged.

HOPE: What would you say to someone who is considering making a donation to Hope for the Future? 

Tim: This answer is fairly simple, just look at the faces of the children that are getting to attend a school that they would otherwise not be able to. If a potential donor wanted to contact the Hope for the Future office, they can show a myriad of examples of wonderful young people that move through the Catholic School System that have been direct recipients of financial aid. There are not many more meaningful gifts than providing a future to a child. That child later grows into an adult which has seen the rewards of giving, and will do so in-kind. Simply put, children are the future, we need to do all we can to help raise them in the Image and Likeness of God. A Catholic school education is fantastic step in the right direction.