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Conversion Experience Leads to Calling to Serve Catholic Schools

August 18, 2015 | posted by Stephen Chavez

Topics: Catholic Schools

Teressa Lowrance, the Department of Catholic Schools’ new Academic Interventionist, had begun to connect with the Catholic faith when she married her husband. When she became a mother she went through a conversion experience and felt called to use her gifts for the benefit of Catholic schools.

“I left defeated to face this enormous task (motherhood) and was afraid…What I didn’t realize at the time was that God was with me and operated me as a vessel for his divine influence,” said Lowrance.

Since then she has raised her children within Catholic education and says the entire experience has provided her an understanding of being a better mother, wife and overall, a better person.

“Raising my children has given me patience, fortitude, strength and passion for loving Christ,” said Lowrance.

“While I am not perfect and still make many mistakes in the calling I hold most dear, my children are learning that through God anything is possible, and so am I,” said Lowrance.

In her role as Academic Interventionist, Lowrance brings 12 years of experience in education along with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She believes that all children can learn and grow to become stewards of their gifts.

“I compare my calling to that of a gardener. Like a gardener, I prune, shape and mold our students until they grow healthy and strong,” said Lowrance. Maximizing growth of each student is at the center of her work in the Catholic Schools Office.

“All children, regardless of background, can become Master Gardeners,” said Lowrance. Lowrance said she is inspired by the archdiocese’s mission of becoming one with Christ and how Catholic schools bring Gospel-values into the daily curriculum.

“We are one community and in serving each other, we serve the Lord,” said Lowrance. A beautiful mentality to have as a new school year approaches.