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Catholic Schools Office Welcomes Cindy Luna as Associate Superintendent

August 10, 2015 | posted by Stephen Chavez

Topics: Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools Office Welcomes Cindy Luna as Associate Superintendent

Mrs. Cindy Luna

The Catholic Schools Office recently hired Mrs. Cindy Luna to fill the role of Associate Superintendent. Luna brings to the position 36 years of experience as an educator and feels her success is a direct result of her Catholic school upbringing.

“I think being raised Catholic and attending Catholic schools during my impressionable years molded who I am today,” said Luna.

Luna attended St. Anthony Catholic School, St. Ann Catholic School and graduated from Incarnate Word High School. She went on to graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Master of Arts in Educational Psychology. Luna began her professional career as a special education teacher and earned a role as vice principal, principal and district testing coordinator for the public school system, before being named principal at St. Anthony Catholic School.

As the Associate Superintendent, Luna will support school leaders, teachers, pastors and parents to provide the best possible Catholic school education to all students. Additionally, she will assist the schools with preparing for and meeting the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED) accreditation requirements.

“I was drawn to the Associate Superintendent position because I view the Department of Catholic Schools as a strong support system for all of the Catholic schools in our Archdiocese,” Luna explained.

Luna does see challenges for all Catholic schools including increased educational options for families. “The educational landscape is in constant change for the 21st century learner, families know they have options on where to send their child to school,” shared Luna. However, she understands first-hand the benefit and values of a Catholic school education, “Catholic education overcomes this challenge by providing an environment with quality learning and the opportunity for all students to openly practice their Catholic faith.”

Catholic Schools Superintendent, Marti West, appreciates what Luna brings to the table, “Cindy adds a tremendous amount of experience to our team. With her experience in leadership and principal coaching, we hope to continue building strong leaders at each of our Catholic schools.”

Luna reflects she is elated to be in a position to support schools and students across the entire Archdiocese while keeping her faith at the forefront, “I value my Catholic faith and feel confident that it has positively shaped my decision-making skills as an adult. Returning to the Catholic School system feels like coming home.”