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Catholic School Cheerleaders Cheer for Christ

December 02, 2015 | posted by Veronica Montalvo

Topics: Catholic Schools

Catholic School Cheerleaders Cheer for Christ

On Saturday, November 14, the Department of Catholic Schools sponsored its second Catholic Arts and Academic Competition of the season, “Cheer-4-Christ,” a cheerleading contest for grades Kindergarten through 8th. The contest was held at Holy Cross of San Antonio, utilizing the school’s two gymnasiums for warm-ups and performance. Eleven schools from the Archdiocese of San Antonio participated in the contest, preparing over 150 girls to “bring it on.” Unlike the movie, the Catholic competitive spirit was energizing as each squad took to the mats and worked the crowd. With their big bows and sparkling smiles, the Catholic School cheerleaders gave it all to Christ in a display of teamwork and determination.

St. Mary Catholic School cheer sponsor, Amy Lindsey, was excited to enter the contest, bringing her squad and the Apache mascot from Fredericksburg. The polished squad took 1st Place in all three categories in the Red Zone. A parent from the Holy Spirit Catholic School squad shared that his daughter had a great time. Overall, the atmosphere was exciting as the spectators rooted for the schools and supported each squad.

The Catholic community of cheer squads participating in the contest included:

  • Antonian Middle School at Rolling Hills Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Grace Academy
  • St. James the Apostle Catholic School
  • St. Leo the Great Catholic School
  • St. Mary Catholic School - Fredericksburg
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • Holy Spirit School Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School
  • St. Gregory the Great Catholic School
  • St. Luke Catholic School
  • St. Piux X Catholic School

Alpha Elite, the contest consulting gym, brought three judges, two of which were former students and cheerleaders at Holy Cross of San Antonio and Antonian College Prep. It was a blessing to have cheer competition experts on hand with trained spotters to uphold the integrity of the contest and provide the appropriate support for the inaugural contest.

May the Lord continue to set ablaze the hearts of people that ignite a passion for teamwork and Christian discipleship through facets such as cheerleading. G-O G-O-D!  The next Catholic Arts and Academic Competition will feature artwork focusing on Mercy, in recognition of the Year of Mercy as announced by Pope Francis, which will highlight the Catholic Church's 'mission to be a witness of mercy," beginning Dec. 8.