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Archbishop’s response to President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

January 07, 2015 | posted by Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS

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Archbishop’s response to President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Friday morning, November 21, migrant families throughout the United States woke up to a newpossibility of hope for family unity and permanence, following President Obama’s executive actionaddressing a piece of the human crisis that is a result of our broken immigration laws. While I amgrateful for this incremental move forward, I pray that the suffering of all undocumented persons acrossthis land will be addressed through comprehensive immigration reform. True and permanent reformwill come through legislation crafted by leaders on all sides of the political spectrum in the spirit ofhealthy compromise and compassion.

The action of the president is welcome, but potentially is both precarious and insufficient. It isprecarious because it could be dismissed by the next administration or possibly superseded by newlegislation. It is insufficient because of its narrow application and does not address a broad spectrum ofissues that need remedied. Neither members of the legislature nor the executive branch of governmentfind the immigration status quo satisfying or effective.

Now is the time for the faithful to raise their voices and help the members of Congress find the clarityand courage to join with the president and do the right thing, toning down the strident partisan rhetoricand agree on a bill that upholds the rule of law while respecting the human dignity of every person. Inhis recent speech, “Migration is an Aspiration of Hope,” Pope Francis said; “The church is a motherwithout limits and without frontiers. She is the mother of all and so she strives to foster the culture ofwelcome and solidarity, where no one is considered useless, out of place or disposable….”

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to imbue our nation with his gifts of wisdom, fortitude and understandingso that we may heal the wounds of families living in the shadows of fear and isolation.

Most Rev. Gustavo García‐Siller, MSpS

Archbishop of San Antonio