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The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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​Archbishop’s Appeal campaign a success due to efforts of family of faith

January 16, 2015 | posted by Cecile Montanez

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Archbishop's Appeal campaign a success due to efforts of family of faith

"The 2014 Archbishop’s Appeal campaign was a stellar success thanks to the dedication and commitment from our faithful donors, pastors and appeal coordinators who worked together as an archdiocesan family in faith," said Lucy Herrera, director of the Archbishop’s Appeal.

In 2014, the appeal exceeded the campaign goal of $4 million by generating $4.9 million in gifts and pledges to support the 39 ministries being funded in order to move forward the work of the church within the archdiocese. In addition, parishes exceeding their goal received more than $500,000 in parish rebates in support of their parish ministries. Some 80 percent of the parishes exceeded their goal with 25,799 parishioners participating in the appeal, up from 24,759 in 2013.

Herrera attributed the 2014 Appeal success to an increase in both the number of donors participating in the appeal campaign and in the number of pledges and gifts given. She also expressed her appreciation for the support of pastors and appeal coordinators who effectively communicated the mission of the Archbishop’s Appeal throughout the 19 counties served by the archdiocese.

The appeal supports the archdiocesan Mutually Shared Vision, through which significant progress has been made toward reaching the goals of the Pastoral Priorities revealed at the Pentecost Mass that took place at Main Plaza in June of 2013. Those goals include the enrollment of 20-24 new seminarians in formation for priestly ordination and the recruitment and certification of 650-950 catechists from all deaneries at least at the Introductory Level by Aug. 31, 2015.

"We depend on the good will and the generosity of our archdiocesan family in faith," said Herrera. "Without their help, we could not respond to the many needs and challenges facing the church in our archdiocese," she said.

Herrera said that the appeal is instrumental in providing assistance to those in need while bringing them Christ’s hope and love through the Gospel. "As Disciples of Christ, our hearts are filled with a desire to lovingly help others. When people learn about the needs of the archdiocese and are given an opportunity to help, they respond," said Herrera.

In 2014, the agencies and ministries helped through the Archbishop’s Appeal included social services agencies that save babies from abortion and educate and evangelize their mothers, provide opportunities for a new life to the incarcerated and their families, counsel the medically and emotionally ill, provide shelter for abandoned and neglected children, feed and clothe the poor and assist the elderly and handicapped.

Other ministries that received funding include the pastoral ministries that help parishes to evangelize, and provide faith formation and pastoral care for our faith communities, strengthen marriages and families, and prepare our catechists and lay leaders, the priestly ministries that care for retired priests and form our deacons and those preparing for the priesthood, and our Catholic schools that prepare our children for the future and form them in their Catholic identity.

"Each gift, large or small, makes a difference. When we come together for a common purpose, good things happen," Herrera said. "We all have struggles, but we can all do something to help," she added.

"At this time we are being called to take up the work of the New Evangelization here in the Archdiocese of San Antonio," said Herrera. "With the help and generosity of its donors, the appeal is working to faithfully carry out that work. We appreciate each and every donation. Without the help of every one of our donors, we could not continue the good work being done," she said.

More on the Archbishop’s Appeal Appreciation Mass will appear in the Feb. 6 issue of Today’s Catholic.

Parish Recognition

The office of Archbishop’s Appeal has recognized the top 10 contributing parishes in six categories, as well as those parishes that have met or exceeded their goal for the 2014 Appeal Campaign.

Total Funds Raised

In order to reach $4 million in contributions in 2014, a number of parishes raised between $25,000 and $100,000 or more in contributions. This award recognizes the parishes with the highest total amount of contributions collected during the appeal year. There are two categories for this award: Parishes with less than 1,000 families and parishes with more than 1,000 families registered. Following are the top 10 parishes in these categories:

Total Funds Raised (Parishes with more than 1,000 families)

1. St. Matthew — $211,724

2. St. Mark the Evangelist — $201,202.50

3. Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Selma) — $184,164.44

4. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton — $178,405.50

5. Holy Trinity — $175,986

6. St. Francis of Assisi (San Antonio) — $162,164

7. Church of the Holy Spirit — $155,873.75

8. St. Peter the Apostle, Boerne — $146,800

9. Prince of Peace — $128,608.35

10. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Helotes) — $128,150.14

Total Funds Raised (Parishes with less than 1,000 families)

1. St. John Neumann, San Antonio — $74,710

2. Our Lady of Grace, San Antonio — $70,208

3. Shrine of St. Padre Pio — $61,838

4. St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, San Antonio — $60,880

5. Our Lady of the Atonement, San Antonio — $44,068.19

6. St. Thomas the Apostle, Canyon Lake — $39,944.00

7. Sacred Heart, Uvalde — $37,602

8. St. James, Seguin — $33,937.60

9. St. Joseph (Downtown), San Antonio — $32,747.55

10. St. Francis of Assisi Mission, Mico — $27,235

Amount Collected Over Goal

In 2014, 80 percent of the parishes exceeded their goal, which made it possible for the appeal to fully fund 38 ministries and pay more than $500,000 in parish rebates. This award recognizes the parishes with the highest amount collected above their parish goal. Following are the top 10 parishes in this category.

Contributions Exceeding Goal

(Amt. Above Goal provided)

1. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, San Antonio — $62,813.50

2. St. Anthony de Padua, San Antonio — $52,630.14

3. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Selma — $50,121.44

4. St. Peter the Apostle, Boerne — $39,419

5. Prince of Peace, San Antonio — $39,150.35

6. St. John Neumann, San Antonio — $36,280

7. Our Lady of Grace, San Antonio — $30,882

8. St. Helena, San Antonio — $29,431

9. San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio — $27,830.43

10. St. Joseph, Del Rio — $27,731.90

Parish Participation

Each year the appeal endeavors to increase the number of parishioners participating in the appeal. In 2014, 25,799 participated in the appeal. The parish participation award is given to those parishes with the highest percentage of parishioners participating in the 2014 Appeal as a percent of total registered parish families.

The two categories for this award are parishes with more than 1,000 families and parishes with less than 1,000 families registered.

This year the category of parishes with less than 1,000 families received two first place recipients, eliminating a second place recipient. Following are the top 10 parishes in these categories.

Donor Participation (Parishes with 1,000+ families)

1. St. Jude — 54.2%

2. Blessed Sacrament — 27.4%

3. St. Dominic — 24.6%

4. St. Joseph (Honey Creek) — 24.2%

5. Church of the Good Shepherd — 22.8%

6. St. Mary Church (Fredericksburg) — 21.5%

7. Holy Trinity (San Antonio) — 21.3%

8. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton — 20.5%

9. St. Mark the Evangelist — 20.3%

10. St. Peter the Apostle, Boerne — 20%

Donor Participation (Parishes with less than 1,000 families)

1. St. Joseph Mission, Redwood — 100%

1. Mission Concepción — 100%

2. NA

3. Sacred Heart, Uvalde — 71.7%

4. Holy Rosary — 62.5%

5. St. Francis of Assisi Mission (Mico) — 60%

6. Mary Queen of the Universe (Comstock) — 56%

7. Immaculate Heart of Mary (Pearsall) — 55.7%

8. Nativity of the BVM (Cestohowa) — 52.3%

9. St. Francis Xavier (Stonewall) — 51.6%

10. St. Mary Magdalen (Camp Wood) — 50%

Pledge Fulfillment

Donors making pledges to the Archbishop’s Appeal have 10 months to fulfill their pledge. By pledging, donors give from their first fruits, that is, they give sacrificially, in gratitude to God for all the blessings he bestows upon them. This decision requires families to discern how, as good stewards, they will allocate the resources they have at their disposal.

The Pledge Fulfillment category recognizes parishes with $10,000 of more in pledges that collected the largest portion of those pledges. Following are the top 10 parishes in this category:

Pledge Fulfillment Rate ($10,000 plus in Pledges)

1. St. Cornelius — 99.8%

2. St. Joseph (Downtown) — 99.75%

3. St. James, Gonzales — 99.70%

4. Sacred Heart (Comfort) — 99.6%

5. St. Jerome, Martinez — 99.4%

6. St. Mary Magdalene (Brackettville) — 99.2%

7. St. Stanislaus (Bandera) — 99%

8. Annunciation of the BVM (St. Hedwig) — 98.76%

9. St. Paul (San Antonio) — 98.74%

10. Resurrection of the Lord — 98.6%