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Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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Hope for the Future

Why Choose Catholic School?

Reasons to Choose a Catholic School 

"It is of utmost importance, therefore, that the Church's institutions be genuinely Catholic: Catholic in their self-understanding and Catholic in their identity."
St. John Paul II

The 5 Essential Marks of a Catholic School 


Inspired by a Supernatural vision - fixes a child's eyes on Heaven!


Founded on a Christian anthropology - Grace builds on nature!


Genuine community of faith - animated by communion and community


Spirit of Catholicism - imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout its curriculum


Sustained by Gospel witness

The Catholic School Advantage

1) Catholic schools form children for a personal and living encounter with Jesus Christ:

  • Catholic school students are more likely to pray daily, attend church more often, retain a Catholic identify as an adult, and donate more to the Church.
  • Students in Catholic schools demonstrate higher academic achievement than their public school peers from similar socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • The more disadvantaged a child is, the greater the relative achievement gains he or she experiences in a Catholic school.
  • The achievement gap between students of different racial and/or socioeconomic backgrounds is significantly smaller in Catholic schools than public schools.
  • 99% of Catholic school students graduate from high school on time, and 85% of Catholic school graduates attend college.
  • A child who is black or Latino is 42% more likely to graduate from high school and 2.5 times more likely to graduate from college if he or she attends a Catholic school.

2) Catholic school communities stimulate parental engagement:

  • Inner-city Catholic school parents report taking an active role in their children’s education, and they believe that participating in the Catholic school community represents an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Latino Catholic school parents believe their children are more motivated, more focused, and working harder since enrolling them in a Catholic school.

3) Catholic schools generate social cohesion and preserve civic order in the local community:

  • Neighborhood social cohesion decreases and disorder increases following the closure of a Catholic elementary school.
  • Police beats in Chicago that experienced at least one Catholic school closure had a higher crime rate than those in which there were no closures.

4) Catholic schools are sacred places serving important civic purposes:

  • Catholic schools save taxpayers more than $20 billion annually.
  • Catholic school graduates enjoy higher earning potential than public school graduates.
  • Catholic school graduates are more civically engaged, more likely to vote, more tolerant of diverse views, and more committed to service as adults, and less likely to be incarcerated than their public school peers.