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Designing Parish Faith Formation for all Ages Post-Pandemic & Beyond

Designing Parish Faith Formation for all Ages Post-Pandemic & Beyond

downloadDesigning Parish Faith Formation for all Ages Post-Pandemic & Beyond: Tranformation for Discipleship Flyer (PDF)

downloadFormación en la Fe Parroquial Pospandemia: Transformación para el Discipulado  folleto (PDF)

The experience of the pandemic has disrupted all of life, including the ways that we have done catechesis and faith formation. As we emerge into the post-pandemic world, we can plan for the future of parish catechesis and faith formation to be better than before. Pastors and pastoral leaders are asking:

How have our people been changed by the pandemic? What new needs and hungers have emerged? How can we respond to these needs?

How do we build on the approaches and tools we used that were effective during the pandemic? How do we sustain our innovations into the future?

Where are the new opportunities for catechesis and formation? What is possible now?

How do we build more responsive, effective catechesis and faith formation for the future?

• What can a renewed and transformative catechesis and faith formation look like for my parish as we emerge from the pandemic in 2021 and beyond?

To help pastors and their pastoral leaders answer these questions and assist them in the transformation of their catechetical and faith formation programming, the Archdiocese is providing a two-phase process:

Phase 1

A Webinar Series "Catholic Faith Formation in a Post-Pandemic World: Designing Faith for 2021 and Beyond"

A Webinar Series to help jump-start ideas and possibilities for parishes in every deanery. The series will be led by experienced nationally-known trainers and provide opportunities for interaction and application to specific situations. Each webinar is 90 minutes, will be conducted on Zoom, and is free of charge to all participants in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Download the Webinar Series details (PDF) or see all the webinar details here.

Presentaciones selectas y seguimiento en español empezaran el mes de agosto.

ABOUT WEBINAR RECORDINGS: These webinars will be recorded and available for later viewing on our website. In order to view the recordings, you must register here.




Webinar #1

Designing Hybrid Catechesis and Faith Formation for the Post-Pandemic World

Webinar #2

Building Community and Relationships in the Post-Pandemic World

Webinar #3

Formation for Christian Living in a New World

Webinar #4

Designing Children and Family Catechesis and Faith Formation for the Post-Pandemic World

Webinar #5

Designing Adolescent & Emerging Adult Faith Formation for the Post-Pandemic World

Webinar #6

Planning for 2022 and Beyond: A Faith Formation Planning Clinic

Seminario Web #1

Pastoral Juvenil Después de la Pandemia—¿Cómo ha Cambiado?

Seminario Web #2

La Familia en la Pastoral con Niños y Jóvenes

Although each webinar stands alone, we encourage parishes to participate in the complete webinar series to get a full view of the range of possibilities and potential for all aspects of their parish catechesis and faith formation.

Phase 2

Follow-Up Accompaniment

Most importantly, as parishes participate in these webinars, there will be follow-up accompaniment from one or more members of the Department for Pastoral Ministries on-site for each parish to help actualize the vision and goals for transformation in catechesis and faith formation as expressed by the pastor and his leadership. This assistance and accompaniment from the Department for Pastoral Ministries would be ongoing for all participating parishes.

Presented by the Archdiocese of San Antonio in partnership with  Lifelong Faith Associates

This project is funded by the generous donors of the Archbishop's Appeal