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Annulment Seekers Workshop at St. Matthew’s (San Antonio)

Where: St. Matthew Catholic Church

Categories: Archdiocese, Tribunal

This FREE workshop is for people who wish to explore beginning the annulment process.

What we will cover:

  • Marriage/Divorce - what is my status as a divorced person in the Church?
  • What are the effects of an "annulment" on children, my marriage, etc.?
  • Do I need an "annulment?"
  • The "Annulment" Process
  • Forms

The Tribunal staff will have the forms available to begin the process and will be on-hand to answer any individual questions as well. Light refreshments will be provided.

You do NOT have to be a parishioner of St. Matthew's to attend this workshop. Visit the Tribunal website for a full-listing of workshops so you can decide which is most convenient for you.

To register, please click here.

Questions? Contact us.

This workshop is not for submitting ministers or other parish staff who assist people in the annulment process. If you serve your parish in this way, please contact the Tribunal directly.

If your parish or deanery is interested in hosting the Tribunal to come offer a workshop, please contact the Tribunal.