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Annulment Seekers Conference - Fiesta of Mercy 2017

Where: St. Paul Community Center

Categories: Archdiocese, Tribunal

This Conference, which will be one of many that make up part of the Fiesta of Mercy Congress, is for people who have been previously married and would like to learn more about the annulment process. The participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on all of the factors that led them to make the decision to marry. While this can be a painful journey, staff of the Metropolitan Tribunal be present to compassionately accompany the participants through initiating the annulment process and provide assistance with filing for the annulment.

Sessions will include topics, such as:

  • How does God’s mercy apply to my situation?
  • What steps will bring me peace with the past?
  • What is Church teaching on marriage?
  • What is an annulment? Is it just a “Catholic divorce?”
  • How do the reforms of Pope Francis affect the process?
  • What are the different grounds for an annulment?
  • How does one begin the process? What does it look like?

Conference is $10 per adult.

FREE CHILDCARE and programming for elementary through high school students WILL BE AVAILABLE

To register online:

For more information, please contact St. Paul's Catholic Church at 210-733-7152, ext. 123 or [email protected].