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ACRE Religious Education Assessment

Catholic Schools

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ACRE Religious Education Assessment

This religious education program assessment tool is used by Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses. The NCEA IFG: ACRE edition was developed to accomplish four tasks:

  1. To serve as a tool for assessing the effectiveness of catechetical/religious education programs
  2. To summarize how well students in grade 5 (Level 1), grades 8–9 (Level 2), and grades 11–12 (Level 3)have learned the basic teachings of the Catholic church in the preceding years
  3. To assess the religious beliefs, attitudes, practices, and perceptions of students in these grades
  4. To provide information about areas of strength in catechetical/religious education programs as well as areas of weakness that may need additional attention or improvement.

The NCEA IFG: ACRE edition is based on the Catholic Church’s expectations for an organic, systematic, and comprehensive education in Christian discipleship. Currently, it is the only tool that provides national scores for comparison and processes for tracking religious education program data over time.