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Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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Catholic Youth Organizaiton



Registration Procedures

The philosophy upon which the registration regulations are based is intended to further the Mission of the CYO. The intent is to give young people an opportunity to experience community, as revealed in the experience of a team. Although the core team may remain stable for some years as the children grow, the team always incorporates newer members, who refreshes the team/community and prevent it from becoming too exclusive. A commitment to this experience rather than winning-at-all cost is central to the CYO philosophy, and hence, CYO opposes the stacking of teams for the purposes of overemphasizing competition.

Parochial sponsored Athletic programs will register participation according to the following rules:

  1. Registration must be completed through the parishes’ online registration system, Sports Pilot.
  2. Registration player eligibility guidelines can be located in the 2019-2020 Policies and Procedures Manual
  3. Registration opening and closing dates will be mandated by the CYO OFFICE
  4. All participants will follow the 2019-2020 Age Division Chart
  5. Player(s) that live in a parish that have no active CYO program please contact CYO office for placement.
  6. Registration opening and closing dates will be enforced by the CYO OFFICE.   


Parish Contacts

East ZoneBlessed Sacrament[email protected]
East ZoneHoly Name[email protected]
East ZoneHoly Spirit[email protected]
East ZoneMount Sacred Heart[email protected]
East ZoneOur Lady of Perpetual Help - Selma
East ZoneSt. Ann - La Vernia[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Anthony School[email protected]
East ZoneSt.
East ZoneSt. Jerome[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Margaret Mary[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Mark[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Monica[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Peter Prince[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Pius X[email protected]
East ZoneSt. Thomas More[email protected]
East ZoneSts Peter & Paul - New Braunfels
North ZoneOur Lady of Guadalupe -
North ZonePrince of Peace[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Brigid[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Elizabeth Ann Seaton
North ZoneSt.
North ZoneSt. George Maronite[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Gregory the Great[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Luke
North ZoneSt. Mary Magdalen[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Matthew[email protected]
North ZoneSt. Peter the Apostle - Boerne[email protected]
West ZoneHoly Cross - D'Hanis[email protected]
West ZoneHoly Family[email protected]
West ZoneLittle Flower[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Ann - San Antonio[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Anthony Mary Claretsaccyore[email protected] 
West ZoneSt. Bonaventure[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Dominic[email protected]
West ZoneSt. James the Apostle[email protected]
West ZoneSt. John Berchman[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Leo[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Paul[email protected]
West ZoneSt. Philip of Benizi[email protected]
West ZoneSt.Rose of

CYO Zone/Parish Boundary Questions



  Please use the map provided by the Archdiocese for boundary questions.



Phone: (210) 734-2620

Email: [email protected]