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Catholic Youth Organizaiton

Coach Certification

Interested in getting involved for

Spring Baseball or Softball???

All volunteers are required to have an updated CBC and Archdiocese Virtus

requirements up to date prior to ministering to the youth of the CYO Ministry.

Coach Badges will be issued for the Spring Sports starting on

Monday, February 21st.  All coaches must have a valid badge to be present

on the bench during games by the season start date of March 25th.

There is no grace period for coaches to be on the bench without a badge.

Last day to receive a coach badge for the Spring Season will be 

Friday, April 8th.

CYO is for Children, but its success depends upon the active participation of adults.

All volunteers or those interested in coaching must contact your parish board.

For details on how to become a coach or get recertified,

please click the corresponding link below

Steps to Become a NEW CYO Coach

Steps for Current CYO Coaches to Get Recertified