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A Liturgy Preparation Aid for the Seasons of Lent & Easter in the midst of a Pandemic (PDF)

Guidelines for Reopening Mass to the Public

Directrices para la Reapertura de la Misa al Público

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Mass and Parish Live Streams

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Support Your Parish

linkDonate electronically to your parish in support of its ministry

linkShare Prayer Requests and information with family and friends

linkArchbishop Gustavo encouraging donations to parishes and prayer requests (English) (Video)

linkArzobispo Gustavo alentando donaciones a parroquias y peticiones de oración (Español) (Video)


December 4

linkStatement of Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS, regarding the moral permissibility of the use of the recently released COVID-19 vaccines (English) (Video)

linkDeclaración del Arzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, sobre la permisibilidad moral del uso de las vacunas COVID-19 recientemente lanzadas (Español) (Video)

downloadArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, regarding the moral permissibility of the use of the recently released vaccines for COVID-19 (PDF)

October 16

downloadSunday Mass obligation dispensation still in effect (English) (PDF)

downloadDispensa de la obligación de la misa dominical sigue vigente (Español) (PDF)

October 8

downloadCatholic school initiative seeks to raise awareness (PDF)

September 14

downloadPastoral Letter: Transformed by Hope, Let Us Rebuild Our Tomorrow! (English) (PDF)

downloadCarta Pastoral: Transformados por la Esperanza, ¡Reconstruyamos Nuestro Mañana! (Español) (PDF)

August 17

linkArchbishop Gustavo talks about how families have become closer and how everyone are thinking more of others during these hard times (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo habla sobre cómo las familias se han acercado y cómo todos piensan más en los demás durante estos tiempos difíciles (Español) (Video)

August 14

linkArchbishop Gustavo praises and prays for people working in Cemeteries. He asks us to pray for them because they put themselves at risk working hard daily during this crisis (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo elogia y ora por las personas que trabajan en los cementerios. Nos pide que oremos por ellos porque se arriesgaron trabajando duro a diario durante esta crisis (Español) (Video)

linkArchbishop Gustavo prayers and thanks everyone working in the Sanitation Department. He asks us to keep them in our prayers because they help keep everything clean and sanitized, which is especially important during these hard times (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo reza y agradece a todos los que trabajan en el Departamento de Saneamiento. Nos pide que los mantengamos en nuestras oraciones porque ayudan a mantener todo limpio y desinfectado, lo cual es especialmente importante durante estos tiempos difíciles (Español) (Video)

August 3

linkArchbishop Gustavo talks about parishes being open and says people should feel safe coming to Mass with the safety protocols in effect (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo habla de que las parroquias están abiertas y dice que las personas deberían sentirse seguras al asistir a misa con los protocolos de seguridad vigentes (Español) (Video)

August 1

linkArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, celebrates the Healthcare Professionals Mass at San Fernando Cathedral (English) (Video)

July 28

downloadLetter from Superintendent of Catholic Schools Marti West for Catholic school communities on July 28 (English) (PDF)

July 17

downloadLetter from Superintendent of Catholic Schools Marti West for Catholic school parents on July 17 (English) (PDF)

June 29

linkArchbishop Gustavo gives gratitude for the service the priests are providing during COVID-19 (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo agradece el servicio que los sacerdotes están prestando durante la pandemia (Español) (Video)

linkArchbishop Gustavo revisits the restrictions on COVID-19 (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo revisita las restricciones sobre COVID-19 (Español) (Video)

June 3

downloadUpdate regarding Catholic schools and distance learning, new plans (PDF)

linkArchbishop Gustavo prays for those evangelizing during this COVID-19 crisis (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo reza por los mensajeros espirituales durante COVID-19 (Español) (Video)

May 29

linkArchbishop Gustavo prays for everyone who buried those who died of COVID-19 (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo reza por todos los que enterraron a los que murieron de COVID-19 (Español) (Video)

May 22

linkArchbishop Gustavo joins Pope Francis in praying for and honoring all mothers during the pandemic (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo se une al Papa Francisco para orar y honrar a todas las madres durante la frase pandémica (Español) (Video)

linkArchbishop Gustavo wants to remind us that children are going through hard times too. He asks us to pray for them and everyone in this crisis (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo quiere recordarnos que los niños también están pasando por tiempos difíciles. Nos pide que recemos por ellos y por todos en esta crisis (Español) (Video)

May 21

linkReopening parishes in the Archdiocese of San Antonio (English) (Video)

May 11

linkArchbishop Gustavo gives thanks to all custodians and cleaning personnel who are working tirelessly during these hard times (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo agradece a todos los custodios y al personal de limpieza que trabajan incansablemente durante estos tiempos difíciles (Español) (Video)

linkArchbishop Gustavo sends congratulations to all those who are graduating and encourages them to share their knowledge with others (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo envía felicitaciones a todos los que se gradúan y los alienta a compartir sus conocimientos con los demás (Español) (Video)

downloadDecree from Archbishop Gustavo regarding Reopening Mass to the Public (English) (PDF)

downloadDecreto del Arzobispo Gustavo sobre la Reapertura de la Misa al Público (Español) (PDF)

May 9

linkArchbishop Gustavo thanks journalists and the media for their tireless communication during this pandemic crisis (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo agradece al periodista y a los medios por su comunicación incansable durante esta crisis pandémica (Español) (Video)

May 8

linkArchbishop Gustavo gives thanks to the Catholic Charities and its contributors. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by the families in need (English) (Video)

linkArchbishop Gustavo asks for assistance for the Native American Community (English) (Video)

linkEl arzobispo Gustavo pide ayuda para la comunidad nativa americana (Español) (Video)

May 7

linkToday’s Catholic report on Catholic Charities hosting Food from the Heart, a free basic needs distribution initiative, to address food insecurity and support the vulnerable in response to the COVID-19 (English) (Video)

linkIn celebration of the National Day of Prayer, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, calls for us to come together in prayer (English) (Video)

linkEn celebración del Día Nacional de Oración, el Arzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, nos llama a unirnos en oración (Español) (Video)

May 6

linkArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, message on feast of St. Dominic Savio Message (English) (Video)

linkArzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MspS, mensaje de Santo Domingo Savio (Español) (Video)

May 5

linkArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, thank you message to the Pastoral Center (English) (Video)

linkArzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, mensaje de gracias al Centro Pastoral (Español) (Video)

May 4

linkArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, thank you to Pope Francis (English) (Video)

linkArzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, gracias al Papa Francisco (Español) (Video)

May 1

linkArchbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS again states that the decree is in effect until May 18 (English) (Video)

linkEl Arzobispo Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, nuevamente declara que el decreto está vigente hasta el 18 de mayo (Español) (Video)

downloadConsecration of Families, Groups, and Individuals in the context of the Renewal of the Consectation of the United States of America to the Blessed Virgin Mary (English) (PDF)

downloadConsagración de las Familias, Grupos e Individuos, en el Contexto de la Renovación de la Consagración de los Estados Unidos de América a la Bienaventurada Virgen María (Español) (PDF)

April 17

downloadLetter sent to school communities by Superintendent Marti West in response to Governor Abbott’s announcement (English) (PDF)

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Mass and Parish Live Streams

Email changes and updates to Today's Catholic so we can keep this list up-to-date. If your parish needs assistance with how to live stream Mass, see our QuickGuides in the "Additional Resources" below.

linkBlessed Sacrament: Daily Mass, 8 AM; Sunday, 9 AM (English); Sunday, 11 AM (Spanish); Wednesday (Holy Hour, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet), 6 PM

linkChrist the King: Saturday 5 PM; Sunday 10 AM

linkChurch of the Good Shepherd Schertz: Not live-streaming Daily Masses. They are rotating which Mass are streamed on the weekend.

linkDivine Providence: Sunday 9 AM (Spanish); Sunday 12 PM (English)

linkHoly Rosary-San Antonio: Sunday 10 AM

linkHoly Trinity-San Antonio: Sunday 11:15 AM (English); 1 PM (Spanish); Mass Videos will also be on their website

linkImmaculate Conception Mission Marion: Not live-streaming Daily Masses. They are rotating which Mass are streamed on the weekend.

linkMission Conception: Sunday 10:00 AM (Bilingual) from the Blessed Sacrament Academy Chapel

linkMission San Jose: Sunday 11 AM (Bilingual); Monday-Thursday 11 AM

linkNotre Dame-Kerrville: Sunday 9 AM (Bilingual)

linkOur Lady of Guadalupe-Helotes: Monday-Friday: Daily Mass 8:30 AM (live-steamed); Tuesday 8:30 AM (Spanish), 6:30 PM (English) (both live-streamed); Saturday: 8:30 AM, Vigil Mass 4:30 PM (English), 6:45 PM (Spanish);  Sunday, 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM (live-streamed), 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM (Spanish); Selected masses live-streamed to Facebook and and then uploaded to website; Please see our TV guide of live-streamed events on our website

linkPrince of Peace: Sunday 10 AM (English); Sunday 11 AM (Spanish)

linkSacred Heart-San Antonio: Sunday 10 AM

linkSacred Heart-Floresville: Sunday 1 PM

linkSan Antonio Byzantine & Melkite Catholic Outreach: Sunday 10:30 AM

linkSan Fernando Cathedral: Sunday 8 AM (Facebook or CTSA Spectrum Channel 15)

linkSan Juan de los Lagos Parish & Shrine: Sunday 8 AM

linkShrine of Padre Pio: Daily 9 AM

linkSt. Ann: Monday-Friday 5:30 PM; Sunday 10:30 AM (Bilingual)

linkSt. Andrew-Pleasanton: Sunday 10 AM

linkSt. Anthony Catholic Student Center-UTSA; Links to the YouTube stream will be posted on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

linkSt. Anthony Mary Claret: Monday-Friday: 8 AM; Weekend: 11 AM, 12 PM (Spanish), 6 PM

linkSt. Anthony de Padua: Monday-Friday 9 AM; Saturday 5 PM; View all on Facebook or on their website

linkSt. Benedict: Saturday 5 PM

linkSt. Bonaventure: Sunday 8:30 AM (English); Sunday 10:30 AM (Spanish)

linkSt. Clare: Sunday 7 AM

linkSt. Dominic: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM; Saturday 5 PM

linkSt. Francis of Assisi: Sunday 11:00 AM (English), 1:30 PM (Spanish); Monday-Wednesday, Friday 10:00 AM (English); Thursday 10:00 AM (Spanish); Recorded videos posted on website

linkSt. George Maronite: Daily 12 PM

linkSt. Gerard: Daily Recordings will be posted at 10 AM; All will be posted on Facebook, YouTube, and their website

linkSt. Helena: Sunday 10 AM

linkSt. Jerome: Sunday 11:30 AM; Daily 9 AM

linkSt. Joseph-Honey Creek: See Facebook for mass times or on their website

linkSt. Joseph-South San: Sunday 9 AM (Spanish)

linkSt. Lawrence: Sunday 9 AM (Spanish); Sunday 10:30 AM (English)

linkSt. Luke: Sunday 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM

linkSt. Margaret Mary: Saturday 1 PM (English); Saturday 2:30 PM (Spanish)

linkSt. Mary-Fredericksburg: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12 noon (English); Sunday 12 noon (English)

linkSt. Mary Magdalen: Sunday 9 AM (Spanish); Sunday 10:45 AM (English)

linkSt. Matthew: Videos will be posted to website

linkSt. Monica Converse: Tuesday and Wednesday 8:15 AM (English); Sunday 10:00 AM (English), 1:00 PM (Spanish)

linkSt. Paul: Monday-Friday 11:30 AM (Spanish); Monday-Friday 3:00 PM (English); Sunday 9:45 AM (Spanish); Sunday 11:30 AM (English)

linkSt. Peter the Apostle-Boerne: Monday-Friday 8 AM; Sunday 11 AM (English); Sunday 12:30 PM (Spanish); Benediction service Monday and Wednesday 9 AM

linkSt. Rose of Lima

linkSt. Timothy: Daily Monday-Thursday 7 PM; Friday 6 PM; Saturday 6 PM

linkSt. Vincent de Paul: Sunday 12 PM (English) and 2 PM (Spanish)

Additional Resources

linkEmergency Housing Assistance from the City of San Antonio

linkDr. Mitch Finnie, Board member of Catholic Charities, demonstrating the proper way to wear a face mask (Video)

linkSenior services provided by HEB

downloadQuickGuide: How to Live stream your Mass for Free with an iPad and free app (PDF)

downloadQuickGuide: How to Live stream your Mass to Facebook with your mobile phone (PDF)

linkTips for Streaming the Mass for parishes