Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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Archbishop's Appeal

Pastoral Ministries

Academy for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

The Academy for Lay Ecclesial Ministry promotes a wide variety of opportunities for growth as well as resources for the development of parish catechists, parish catechetical leaders, Catholic school personnel and other pastoral ministries. Resources include deanery resources for catechesis, skills training in class management and teaching the faith, as well as an orientation to parish catechetical leadership. Archdiocesan Certification workshops and classes are offered at various levels including advanced level opportunities.

* Introductory Orientation * Classroom (L1 & L2) - English and Spanish * Online (L1) * Catholic Distance University * L1 Summer Certification - English and Spanish * L2 Summer Certification - English and Spanish * Youth Ministry Certification * Lay Ecclesial Ministry Certification

Office for Parish Life

The purpose of the Parish Life team is to enhance the relationships and improve communication between the Pastoral Office and all parishes. The team will be working within the parishes more than in the office. They will diligently update Share Point for parish knowledge. The focus will be to support the parishes and meet the needs of the pastoral reality.

Office for Priorities and Formation Events. The Priorities and Formation Events team will work in collaboration with the Pastoral Secretariats to help support specific needs of parishes. The team will coordinate and enhance parish needs through activities such as archdiocesan events, retreats, formation training and liturgies. They will also promote the Pastoral Priorities as set forth by the Archbishop.

* Spring Retreat * Advocacy Day Training * New Parish Leader Orientation * Faithful Citizens * Parishes in Action

Pastoral Secretariats

The mission of the Secretariats will have as its basis, a fundamental integration of the New Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship. This will lead to a pastoral conversion and a pastoral de conjunto to serve the multicultural pastoral needs of children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors. * Partnership with Project Rachel * Partnership with Gabriel Project * Partnership with ACTS Mission * Partnership with Cursillos * LEMs Meetings

Deanery Coordinators

The Deanery Coordinators serve as a liaison between their deanery and the archdiocesan office. Deanery Coordinators work effectively and creatively with all the pastors of a particular deanery to facilitate planning of realistic goals and then administrate the programs that are life-giving and ensure growth and faith formation. Deanery coordinators collaborate with and give support to the various staff members and lay leaders to offer programs on a deanery level in an effort to provide services a parish would find it difficult to offer by themselves; for example, an annual youth retreat or liturgical training of lay ministers.

Lay Leadership Formation Fund

The Lay Ministry Formation Fund is available to assist the ongoing formation and enhancement of Pastoral skills that will increase lay Ministers’ capacity to provide quality programming and formation in parishes or Catholic Institutions within the Archdiocese of San Antonio.