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Important information for Parishes Hosting the Rite of Election & Call to Continuing Conversion

• Archdiocesan Staff will arrive 2 hours before the Rite begins to set up.

• Parish ushers/hospitality should arrive 1 ½ hours before the Rite begins for important instructions from AOSA staff.

• For ushers directing people entering the church, ask those arriving if they are a candidate or catechumen or sponsor/godparent of one of these. If they do not know if they are a candidate or catechumen, ask them if they need to be baptized or not. Catechumens are those preparing for baptism and Candidates are not.

• Ushers should be well-versed on the dismissal procedures at the hosting parish during the pandemic. Everyone is to remain in their seats at the conclusion of the Rite. Ushers will dismiss everyone according to the hosting parish procedures.

• The most important responsibility for ushers/hospitality ministers is to be truly welcoming and warm to everyone who attends these Rites. They should be keenly aware of and appreciate the fact the Rites are to recognize, embrace and support those preparing to be new Catholics. Joyful and authentic hospitality is critical to the success of this celebration.

• Each hosting parish provides a bilingual lector to read the First Reading, a bilingual Deacon to read the Gospel and Intercessions, one or two altar servers and five (5) ushers.

• The Pastor or someone of his choosing gives the welcome to the Parish and a few “housekeeping” remarks. We provide a sample script. Please see the contact below.

• Will you livestream the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion? If so, what platform? Do let us know as soon as possible. Please see the contact below.

• Provide liturgical items: Spanish Lectionary, English Book of the Gospels, Processional Cross and Stand

• Provide Microphone for Bishop, Deacon, Music Minister, and a standing microphone for parishes to announce their catechumens/candidates. In some churches, the ambo could serve this purpose.

• Provide a small Table for Worship Aids

• Set aside 2 Reserved Parking spaces for the Bishop and Emcee.