Archbishop's Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign that provides supplemental financial assistance to institutions, programs and ministries affiliated with the Catholic Church throughout the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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Natural Family Planning Resources

Natural Family Planning
Trainer's Last Name
First Name(s) Organization Contact Email Phone Parish of Association Deanery Spanish? Certification Date
Danze Eli & Kate CCL Promoters [email protected] 210-287-3669 San Antonio     10/5/2012  
Davis Neal & Shelley CCL Promoters [email protected] 830-285-8864 Divine Mercy - New Braun SRD   4/27/2003  
Glowe Christopher & Nicole CCL Instructors [email protected] 210-257-6616 St. Anthony Mary Claret NUD   3/18/2004  
Kauffman Greg & Martha CCL Instructors [email protected] / [email protected] 830-980-9723 Shrine of Padre Pio NCUD   5/4/1989  
Luther Tina Creighton [email protected] / [email protected] 210-262-9731 St. Luke NUD   8/17/2013
McCormick Kevin & Lisa CCL Instructors [email protected] 830-257-7803 Notre Dame - Kerrville FRRD   2/28/2003  
Meyer Ty & Gabriela CCL Promoters [email protected] 210-455-2028 Diocese of Victoria     3/3/2009  
Migeon Gerard CCL, Creighton, Family, Marquette [email protected] 210-954-4196 Natural Womanhood     Referral Only  
Nix John & Cathy CCL Instructors [email protected] 210-695-8020 St. Mark NCUD   2/7/2011  
Pena Eddie & Jessica Family of the Americas [email protected] 512 586 6622 St. Joseph - Del Rio URD   5/19/2014  
Robles Charles & Marisol Family of the Americas [email protected] 210-861-8009 Blessed Sacrament NEUD   2/19/2013  
Sadler Kathy Family of the Americas [email protected] 281 787 7826 St. Joseph - Del Rio URD   11/15/2012  
Wallace Robert & Veronica CCL Instructors [email protected] / ver[email protected] 210-481-3020 St. Mary Magdalene NWUD   3/16/1999  
Wilkes Monica Creighton [email protected] 972-832-3682 St. Peter - Boerne FRRD   2/15/2014  
Wilson Andy & Briana CCL Promoters [email protected] 928-246-5012 Military Bases NCUD   8/18/2008  
Wise Shira Creighton (online, long distance) [email protected] 509-308-6640 Three Rivers area     Online, distance only, no local chapter meetings