Office of Victim Assistance and Safe Environment

My Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

The Archdiocese of San Antonio is unconditionally committed to the protection of children and youth within our community. In order to assure the children and youth are protected from harm, it has been mandated that all adults who minister to children must receive abuse prevention education. It is also mandated that all children and youth enrolled in religious education or in Catholic Schools be trained in abuse prevention. The archdiocese has developed Safe Environment Training for children, youth, and adults.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio cannot protect all children and youth alone; it is important that all Catholics ensure that we are following the mandate of Jesus, and “Let the little children come to me.” All adults, including parents, are encouraged to receive Safe Environment Training at your local parish or Catholic School. Children and youth need trusted and loving adults in whom they can confide any concern or fear.

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Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller

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To Protect

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  • St. Peter & St. Joseph’s Children’s Home: In this episode of “To Protect” Steve Martinez’s special guest is James Castro, the Executive Director of St. Peter and Joseph’s Home. is a residence for children who come from family backgrounds of abuse and neglect.
  • Parenting: Controlling anger & preventing abuse: Tracie Enriquez, Associate Director of the Office of Victim Assistance and Safe Environment discuss parenting and anger, addressing the question, “To spank, or not to spank?”
  • Keeping your family safe: Tips on protecting your family from Steve Martinez’s special guest, Sheriff Amdeo Ortiz, Bexar County Sheriff.
  • Archdiocese’s efforts to create safe environment for all children : Steve Martinez and his Associate Director, Tracie Enriquez discuss Archdiocesan criminal background check procedures and other policies whose goal it is to keep our children safe.
  • Child abuse-A Community Response: In this episode of “To Protect” Steve Martinez’s special guest is Janet Ketcham, Executive Director of Child Advocates of San Antonio, an organization which helps children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and are in foster care.

Recent Newspaper Columns

Steve Martinez, Director of the Office of Victim Assistance and Tracie Enriquez, Associate Director, regularly write informative and timely columns for Today’s Catholic newspaper, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

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