Social Services

Office of Life, Justice and Peace

Contact: Patrick Duffy
(210) 734-1655

The Office of Social Concerns proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ by developing and administering an archdiocesan agenda for life, justice and peace - to ensure that social ministry is an integral part of our Catholic life. The office resources Catholic parishes, schools, and other organizations, and works with numerous faith-based and secular groups that are committed to promoting life and peace and to overcoming poverty and injustice. It promotes faithful citizenship and advocates for social justice issues at the local, state and national level.

It is the diocesan agent for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) - the U.S. Bishops' domestic community development program for addressing the roots of poverty in America.

Catholic Charities

President/CEO: J. Antonio Fernandez
(210) 222-1294 (Main Office)
(210) 226-6178 (Guadalupe Community Center)

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. is the official branch of Catholic Charities U.S.A. in the Archdiocese. The programs of this agency include: Children and Family Services, Family Self-Sufficiency Services, Immigration, Legal Aid and Refugee Services, Counseling Services, and Senior Community Services.

St. Peter - St. Joseph Children's Home

Contact: James Castro
210-533-1203 St. Peter – St. Joseph Children’s Home was established in 1891 as an orphanage and now serves as a basic child care facility licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide basic residential care, emergency shelter care, foster care and adoption services for more than 110 children ranging from infancy to 17 years old. One of the unique aspects of St. PJ’s Home is the number of sibling groups it can accept, due mainly to the broad age group it serves. St. PJ’s also provides counseling, therapy and educational services for children, parents, and families who are residents of St. PJ’s as well as the San Antonio community.

Seton Home

(210) 533-3504
Fax: (210) 533-3467
Seton Home's mission is to provide a residence for homeless, pregnant young women through: 24 hour shelter, food and clothing. assistance with medical, dental, eye and prenatal care, onsite daycare; assistance in continuing education -- high school, technical training and college; individual and group counseling; independent living skills training; spirituality program; and continued support for reconcilliation with family.

Ministry to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Impaired

Contact: Ms. Patricia Gawlik
Relay, TX
(210) 227-1879 (Voice)
(800) 735-2988
The ministry of the hearing impaired provides pastoral ministry to and advocates for deaf and hearing impaired people in the Archdiocese.

Bexar County Detention Ministries

(210) 299-4540

    • Bro. Charles Fucik, CSsR Interim Director / Program Director
    • Sister Teresa Carter, CCVI
    • Sister Ellen McRemond, DC
    • Father Carl Schindler, CSsR
    • Sister Kathleen Eggering, SSND
Bexar County Detention Ministries provides educational, social and religious services, including pastoral care and counseling to incarcerated adult and juvenile offenders.

After Incarceration Assistance

(210) 299-4540 Shalom Catholic Aftercare exists to help men and women who have been previously incarcerated to make a positive, permanent return to their communities. It also exists to help families who are affected by the incarceration of their loved ones.

This is accomplished through their renewed commitment to Christ, welcomed and supported by their Catholic Community.

If you have a family member or friend who finds themselves in this situation and who needs help finding a job, and would like to attend a prayer support group, anger management or other assistance and referrals, call us for more information.

Hospital Ministry

    • Baptist Hospital (DT)
      Contact: Mrs. Pat Sammis - (210) 302-2266
    • South Texas Medical Center
      Contact: Rev. Nick Brown - (210) 680-2635
The Catholic hospital chaplains minister to the pastoral needs of those hospitalized through regular visitations on the floors, emergency calls, and on-going training of volunteer Eucharistic ministers.

Ministry for Persons with Disabilities

Contact: Sr. Jo-Michele Sierra, SSCJ
(210) 872-8794
Following the directives of the United States Bishops’ Pastoral Statement in 1978, the consultant will communicate the importance of accessibility to the disabled so that they can fully participate in the life of the parish in worship services, recreational events and other activities. Together with the advisory committee, this ministry will serve as an educational/informational resource and referral office in developing and advocacy program within all archdiocesan deaneries.