Department of Administration

Mission Statement

The Department of Administration exists to serve parishes of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. It’s purpose is to assist the archbishop in shepherding them by providing administrative, managerial and financial support toward realization of our common vision as a local church. The department is the focal point for most insurance, personnel, tax, legal, and property management issues. Most of these issues are addressed in the Business Management Handbook. The resources of the faithful, generously shared with the archdiocese, are a sacred trust. The department strives to ensure that they are faithfully and correctly applied to the needs of the church.

Department Contacts

Ruben A. Hinojosa
Chief Finance Officer and Administration Director

Business Office
Agency Director
Delia Thomas, Controller
210-734-2620 EXT 1333

Human Resources
Agency Director
Victoria Esparza, Director of Human Resources
210-734-2620 EXT 1324
Office of Appeals and Grants
Agency Director
Lucy Herrera
Director of Archbishop Appeal and Grants Office
210-734-2620 EXT 1223

Information Technology (IT)
Agency Director
John Trollinger (J.T.)
Director of Information Technology
210-734-2620 EXT 1320
Construction/Facilities & Real Estate Agency Director
Robert (Bob) Holbrook
Director of Construction, Real Estate & Facilities

Risk Management
Hal Henry

2718 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio, Texas 78228
(210) 734-2620 Fax: (210) 734-0231 To Reach the Archbishop, FAX: (210) 734-0708

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